Environmental Education

Trout in the classroom connects students with their watershed

Trout Unlimited’s environmental education program is a gateway stewardship experience for students. It fosters a new generation of advocates for salmonids and the watersheds in which they live.

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Trout in the Classroom has been in classrooms across the country for more than three decades.

Students Annually

The turnkey program is compatible with diverse curriculums and engages with hundreds-of-thousands of students every year.

Trout in the Classroom is the most unique and memorable STEM classroom experience available to students.
Ms. Luna
Teacher, Manhattan, N.Y.

Always Engaging

Hands-On STEAM Learning All Year

How it Works

Setup Your Aquarium.

Get started building your specialized, coldwater tank in the classroom.

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Connect with Your Watershed.

Find lessons & activities that will help connect students with their local stream.

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Get Started

A Turnkey Program for Public & Private Schools


Find Local Support & Funding

Connect with groups and agencies that can help with your program startup.


Join the Community

Our national network of teachers and volunteers collaborate online and in person.


Create Your Freshwater Ecosystem

Setup a specialized aquarium in the classroom.


Engage Students in Hands-on Learning

Students explore as stewards and scientists daily.

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Partnerships & Funding

Partner Up with Trout in the Classroom

Partnerships are at the core of the success of S/TIC. A variety of opportunities exist between other non-profits, agencies, private businesses and individuals to make the program happen. A program may need your support near your watershed!