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Volunteers are a crucial part of a successful Trout in the Classroom program, because they support the teachers.
Trout in the Classroom gives Trout Unlimited members and other volunteers the opportunity to get involved with their local schools, while teaching kids about water quality, aquatic life, and other environmental issues.

Click here for TIC coordinator materials (PDF files), such as a brochure and conservation curriculum.



For technical information about equipment and tank maintenance, please click here to be taken to the Teachers section.

If you want to volunteer, contact us. There are as many opportunities for volunteers as there are schools and teachers in your area. There may even be a member of your local Trout Unlimited chapter who is also a teacher in the local school system. It is extremely important that you find a teacher who is very excited about the idea and will work with you throughout the entire process; the teacher who chooses to undertake this program is the secret to its success.

Consider calling teachers you know, or seek the advice of your local agencies, who might know of schools with strong environmental programs. There are already many Trout Unlimited members around the country who have started Trout in the Classroom projects with motivated teachers near them. For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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