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Koss, Amy Goldman.  Where Fish Go in the Winter. Westminster, London, England: Penguin Publishing Book, 2002.

Estes, Don. The Little Brown Trout River Adventures. Self published: CreateSpace, 2008.

This list is a compilation of available books regarding trout that may be useful for the classroom or for educators. This reference is provided as a service to parents and educators, and is in no way meant to endorse any authors or books contained herein.

Picture Books and Easy Chapter Books

Campbell, Hugh.  Lightning’s Tale: The Story of a Wild Trout. Portland, Oregon: Frank Amato Publications, 1994.

Ciardi, John.  The Hopeful Trout and Other Limericks.  Illustrated by Susan Meddaugh. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1989.

Clark, Joan.  Thomasina and the Trout Tree.  Illustrated by Ingeborg Hiscox. Plattsburgh, New York: Tundra Books, 1971.

Cole, Harold.  A Few Thoughts on Trout. Illustrated by Betty Christensen. New York: Julian Messner, 1986.

Cole, Joanna.  The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks.  Illustrated by Bruce Degen. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1986.

Cruz, Julianna.  Tommy and Teresa Trout.  Riverside, CA: Hatching Inspiration Publishing, 2008.

Hertz, Ole.  Tobias Catches Trout. Translation by Tobi Tobias. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 1984.

Lucas, K. H.  Fly-Fishing with Trout-tail: A Child’s Journey. Trout-Tail LLC, 2002.

Lumry, Amanda.  The Adventures of Riley: Survival of the Salmon.  Bellevue, WA: Eaglemont Press, 2006.

Moisa, Ralph, Jr.  Little Fish. Logan, Iowa: Perfection Learning Corporation, 1997.

Norman, Howard.  Who-Paddled-Backward-With-Trout. Art by Ed Young. Boston: Joy Street Books, 1987.

Sayre, April Pulley.  Trout, Trout, Trout! (A Fish Chant). Illustrated by Trip Park . New York: Scholastic Inc., 2004.

Sayre, April Pulley.  Trout are Made of Trees.  Charlesbridge, 2008.

Sloat, Teri.  There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout! Illustrated by Reynold Ruffins. New York: Henry Hold and Company, 1998.

Turnage, Sheila.  Trout the Magnificent. Illustrated by Janet Stevens. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers: 1984.

Werner, Kirk.  Olive the Little Woolly Bugger.  Johnson Books.

_____. Olive and the Big Stream.  Johnson Books.

_____. Olive Goes for a Wild Ride.  Johnson Books.

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Chapter Books and YA Fiction

Conly, Jane Leslie.  Trout Summer. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1995.

George, Jean Craighead.  The Case of the Missing Cutthroats. Originally published as Hook a Fish, Catch a Mountain, 1975. New York: Harper Trophy, 1999.

Hyde, Dayton  O.  The Major, the Poacher, and the Wonderful One-Trout River.Honesdale, Pennsylvania: Boyds Mills Press, 1985.

Jukes, Mavis.  Blackberries in the Dark. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1994.

Weddle, Linda Massey.  T.J. and the Big Trout River Vandals . Schaumburg, Illinois: Regular Baptist Press, 1991.

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Nonfiction and Reference Books for Children

Burk, Sandy.  Let the River Run Silver Again! Blacksburg, Virginia: The McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company, 2005.

Burg, Ann E.  E is for Empire: A New York State Alphabet.  Illustrated by Maureen K.Brookfield.  Chelsea, Michigan: Sleeping Bear Press, 2003.

Cole, Joanna.  A Fish Hatches. New York: HaperCollins, 1978.

Pyers, Greg. Why Am I a Fish? Chicago, Illinois: Raintree, 2006.

Winner, Cherie.  Trout.  Minneapolis, Minnesota: Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 1998.

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Reference Books

Behnke, Robert J.  Trout and Salmon of North America.  Illustrated by Joseph R. Tomelleri. New York: The Free Press, 2002.

Caduto, Michael J.  Pond and Brook: A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments. Hanover, New Hampshire: University Press of New England , 1985.

Martin, Patricia A. Fink.  Rivers and Streams. New York: Franklin Watts, 1999.

Prosek, James.  Go Fish: A Fishing Journal. New York: Stewart, Tabori&Chang, 2000.

_____.  Trout: An Illustrated History. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1997.

_____.  Trout of the World. New York: Stewart, Tabori&Chang, 2003.

Stolz, Judith and Judith Schell, eds.  Trout.  Part of The Wildlife Series. Stackpole Books, 1991.

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Nonfiction for Adults

Carrol, David M.  Trout Reflections: A Natural History of the Trout and Its World. New York: St. Martin ’s Press, 1993.

Louv, Richard.  Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder.   Chapel Hill , North Carolina : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill , 2005.

Prosek, James.  Early Love and Brook Trout. New York: The Lyons Press, 2000.

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