Where are trout from?

An activity idea from TIC in Nevada:

We started out by printing cutouts of
different animals who have a geography familiar to kids: (e.g.,
penguins—Antarctica, panda bears—china, koala bears—Australia, etc).  We
had a map of the world, and we’d
ask the kids to put the animal on the map on wherever it came from. 
Then after we did that, we told them that the lesson was getting boring,
so we’d go fishing instead.  

We then had them pick up a fly rod and
cast into our lake (a desk covered with blue). 
Behind the desk was a box without cutouts of different trout species. 
On the end of the line was a magnet which would connect to a magnet
glued onto the mouth of the trout cutouts.  Once the kids hooked the
fish, they would then have to land it.  Another
kid would get a net.  The whole thing was designed to make it fun.  

When the kids caught the fish, they would be asked to identify what
species it was.  Then they would be asked to put it on the map of the
world wherever it was from (e.g., brown trout—Europe,
brook trout—NE US and Canada).  When they caught a Lahontan cutthroat,
we would explain that that was the only native fish where they were

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