TIC Documentaries

Designed for the NYC and NYC Watersheds Trout in the Classroom program

Made possible with funds from the Catskill Watershed Corporation in partnership with New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Conceived by Josh Platt, Woodstock Day School, Woodstock NY


To help students record and document the process of raising trout in the classroom .


Trout are an important part of the NYC water supply system. As an indicator species, their populations help scientists determine the health of our watershed streams. Student raising trout in the classroom study and monitor trout while learning about their life-cycle, dependence on good water quality, and begin to understand the interdependence among stream and riparian habitats. 

By keeping detailed data and journal entries about their experience of raising trout, students can document this process all while learning how to use video recording technology, equipment, and software to tell a story about their work. 


  • Video recorders
  • Video editing software 
  • Trout!


A documentary can be made in many different formats. Having student record video journal entries daily or weekly is a good way to start the process. 

Our video format includes interviews, singing, and sharing of lessons learned.


Share the video with other students in the school, parents, and teachers to get them involved with TIC.  Be sure to share the video with your local TIC coordinators, as well.  They'll want to see it, guaranteed!

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