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Running the Gauntlet
A PBS documentary about salmon.

A great video about the life cycle and natural history of Atlantic Salmon.

The Way of a Trout
The Little River Chapter of TU is graciously hosting our favorite conservation classic, The Way of a Trout.  This half-hour film features underwater videography that explores a trout's habitat and life cycle.  Great for TIC classes!

Trout Unlimited, with its partners, has mapped the range and health of many native species of trout and salmon. 

TU's site for youth.

Trout Unlimited is an organization known for many years of trout and salmon conservation.

A TU website devoted to brook trout, the native species of the eastern United States, includes scientific information on the life and conservation of brookies.

Water Resources

The Water Cycle
A great poster from USGS!

Water Calculator
What's your water footprint?

Macroinvertebrate Booklet
Another great resource from the University of Wisconsin.

University of Wisconsin Resources
A number of great resources from the University of Wisconsin, including the VERY popular Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in the River.

Macroinvertebrate Key
An awesome online dichotomous key for aquatic macroinvertebrates.

The Water Page
A collection of resources devoted to the hows and whys of water conservation.  (A BIG thanks to the students at Brighter Futures Charter School for recommending this one to us!)

Stroud Water Research Center
The creators of the LeafPack network, as well as other great resources for water-centered teachers.

River and Stream Links
Another good collection of water-related links.

Discover Water
A Project WET-related website with interactive games and a virtual version of the always-popular Incredible Journey activity.

DEP’s website has information about NYC’s water supply system from source to city. The “Education” tab leads to teacher resources.

The website of Water is Life, and Infrastructure Makes it Happen, it includes many articles and resources regarding water supply systems.

A site devoted to the explanation and exploration of societies’ water consumptions. Includes an individual water footprint calculator.

Helping you make water efficient choices to protect resources for future generations.

All About Water  A collection of resources all about water properties and measurements.

Fun and Games

Salmon Dissection Game
Fun to do when the real dissections aren't an option.  Trout and salmon are anatomically very similar.  A ThinkQuest resource.

This site includes a number of waterrelated online games that your students can play.

Environmental Concerns

Carbon Footprint Calculator
The website provides a carbon calculator and tips for reducing one’s impact on the atmosphere.

This library of public domain, conservation-related photos is searchable by state and category.

The college-level Environmental Education Station includes a photo library and links to hot topics in EE.

Prevent Aquatic Hitchhikers 

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