Technical Information

Here you can find the most basic information about setting up your tank and caring for your trout.

Equipment List provides details on the equipment needed to undertake the TIC project.

Basic Setup gives an idea of how to put all your equipment together, and it also contains valuable pictures of the various steps.  An instructional set-up video is also available--please click here to watch it.  Mac users might prefer this link.

Startup Timeline gives an overview of the steps and countdown to receiving your trout eggs.

Trout Care provides a daily checklist for you and your students, as well as explaining some of the whys behind our tank practices.

Trout Feeding shows how to calculate the amount of food needed, plus it gives helpful hints and points to remember when feeding your trout.

Trout Transportation outlines the basics in moving fingerlings from one place to another.

End of Year Cleanup is a list of tasks to prepare your equipment for storage over the summer and to be ready to start again next fall.

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