Wooden Trout Sculptures and Mosaics

TIC classes working with the Pat Barnes Missouri River Chapter of Trout Unlimited in Montana each make one of these wooden trout.   A local woodworker cuts out the trout silhouettes, and gives one to each class.  Each class is then responsible for creating a creative, beautiful trout.  They use different techniques, including painting, decoupage, mosaic, and more.  Below you can see that one has become a wall-mountable coat rack, while another features many different trout species in collage. 

What creative ideas could your class have to make a wooden trout silhouette a useful and/or beautiful object?

Here are the steps:

1.    Draw and cut out a three foot trout outline on a stiff material to use as a template.
2.    Using the template, trace the trout outline on to a 4' x 8'
piece of smooth, stiff material.  It has to be stiff so the art work
applied will not fall off if it bends.  Alternate the direction to make
the best use of the materials.
3.    Cut out the pieces with a jig saw.
4.    Sand the edges so they are smooth.

Each classroom is then given one of the fish cutouts with
instructions (copy of what I used this year is attached).  I have
previously given them a deadline that was just before the fundraising
event but I recommend moving the deadline up
so you have a little "wiggle" room.  Most of them left it to the very
last minute and it was a struggle to get them picked up in time.


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