Trout Summer



by Jane Leslie Conly

Trout Summer. 

New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1995.


             When their father leaves the family, Shana and Cody move with their mom to Maryland.   Over the summer, the three of them stay in a cabin along the Leanna River.  While their mom is at work, the kids explore the surrounding wilderness, eventually meeting a man who calls himself the ranger.  Little by little, the children learn from this older man about his passions: canoeing, trout, and clean water.


Good Points:

  • Adventure story!
  • Contains a strong message about trout, clean water, and the importance of our environment.
  • Interesting plot, human characters.


Other Notes:

  • Sensitively addresses the challenges of aging (for teens and seniors) and portrays the struggle of a family changed by divorce.
  • The old man swears (mildly), just a little.
  • The kids are left unsupervised a lot and do fairly dangerous things.




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