Trout the Magnificent



by Sheila Turnage

Trout the Magnificent. 

Illustrated by Janet Stevens. 

San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers: 1984.


             Trout, a rainbow, applies to the council of animals for wings.   They give him the construction materials necessary, and he eventually begins to fly.  However, Trout soon runs into a dilemma.


Good Points:

  • A great springboard for studies about niche and adaptation.
  • Highly entertaining, discussion-prompting illustrations.
  • Might be better as an invented story to go with the pictures.


Other Notes:

  • The characters call one another “stupid” and “idiot.”
  • The characters have otherwise problematic interactions with one another.
  • In the illustrations, Trout is missing a few fins (pelvic, ventral, adipose).
  • Trout’s caudal (tail) fin is oriented in the wrong direction.


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