Trout and Salmon of North America



by Robert J. Behnke 

Trout and Salmon of North America. 

Illustrated by Joseph R. Tomelleri. 

New York: The Free Press, 2002.


             This heavy tome is quite a resource about salmonids (salmon, trout, and char) in North America.   An introduction gives a wonderful ecological and physiological overview of the family, and then each section gives great detail about the different genii and their various species and subspecies.  Behnke is quite the expert in the field, and Tomelleri is one of the foremost trout artists in our country—his pictures are sharp and vivid.


Good Points:

  • Extraordinary detail and scientific scope.
  • Detailed drawings that make clear the differences of species and subspecies.
  • Visually compelling—vivid!


Other Notes:

  • Though written at a high level (high school +), the pictures and maps are suitable for much younger students.


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