T.J. and the Big Trout River Vandals



by Linda Massey Weddle 

T.J. and the Big Trout River Vandals. 

Schaumburg, Illinois:Regular Baptist Press, 1991.


             When the fortunes of the Calloway family change, they find themselves moving out to Camp Lakehurst.  For TJ Calloway, this means changing schools—no easy event for a middle school student.  Sure enough, TJ meets bullies on the bus.  As the year goes by, TJ begins to wonder what might be behind their bullying, never thinking that it could be the Trout River, that he’s lucky enough to have in his backyard, as a part of the camp where he now lives.


Good Points:

  • A very happy story.
  • Reinforces how a good trout stream can be of value to many people and deserves protection.


Other Notes:

  • Bullies have wild haircuts and wear black clothing.
  • Christian lifestyle featured throughout story.


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