Thomasina and the Trout Tree



by Joan Clark 

Thomasina and the Trout Tree. 

Illustrated by Ingeborg Hiscox. 

Plattsburgh, New York: Tundra Books, 1971.


             Thomasina, with no impetus we can discover, takes the bus into the city in search of the Trout Tree.   There, she experiences many different forms of art while talking with various people she meets.  Eventually, none of the adults’ work satisfies her, and she begins searching her own creativity for her new project.


Good Points:

  • Vivid and slightly wacky illustrations and plot details.
  • Open-ended story can prompt discussion and a creative project.


Other Notes:

  • Young girl goes into city alone, talks with strangers, and goes with one into a private building.
  • Text is denser that most picture books.
  • A goat is (mildly) mistreated.

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