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designed for the NYC and NYC watersheds Trout in the Classroom program

Tips for a Successful Skype
by Eric Havlik, Assistant Principal, PS 154K

1.  Email local Trout Unlimited chapters to see if they can put you in touch with schools that are participating in TIC.

2. Sign up for a Skype account and “friend” the other person several days before the planned Skype.

3. Consider sending introduction, or thank you, letters to the other class.

4. Participate in a test Skype with the other teacher prior to the set time.

5. Set aside time to practice Skyping with your kids prior to your scheduled time.  Try Skyping with someone else in the building and get feedback from them during the practice session.

6. Agree on a set agenda and format prior to the scheduled Skype session.

7. Instruct the kids that are Skyping to first introduce themselves and to look into the camera when they are talking.

8. Instruct the kids that are in the background during the Skype to sit still and stay focused.

9.  Set yourself up so that you can move the computer around the room if necessary.  This is great if you want to show off your trout tank.

10.  Take pictures and be open to future collaborations with the class.

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