Metric Measurement

Designed by Debbie Valerio, TIC teacher, for the NYC and NYC Watersheds Trout in the Classroom program.

Made possible with funds from the Catskill Watershed Corporation in partnership with New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Objective: To practice measurement skills for math and science

Background:  Scientists are often catching and measuring trout in streams, to see what fish are living where.

Materials:  ruler, trout of varying sizes saved in test tubes and rubbing alcohol

1.    Draw an enlarged, color picture of one of the trout from our tank.
2.    Measure 3 different trout in test tubes.  Write the letter of the test tube and measurement both in inches and centimeters on a list.
3.    Using only the metric measurement, list the trout in order from largest to smallest.

Wrap-up:     find other objects of the same size in the classroom, find the mass of the trout, order them by size

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