Make it Rain!


    For all of us at TU, the work that we do relies on the water which comes from the sky as rain, falls on land, collects in headwater streams where our trout live and breed.  It flows into rivers, reservoirs, lakes and eventually into our oceans.  

    To further celebrate our appreciation for our precious water resources we are going to create a rainstorm.  

    We’re going to need each and every one of you to participate so let’s all stand up!   

    To simulate or “make” this Rainstorm, we’re going to make 5 sounds.   

1)      rubbing hands

2)      snap

3)      2 finger clap

4)      clap

5)      slap thighs&stomp


    Just follow me for the sounds.


    We begin by rubbing our hands for the wind…


Rub Hands

    Imagine high up in the Mountains.
    You can feel the mountain breeze flow through your hair.
    You can see the leaves on the trees starting to blow.
    Take a deep breath with me, inhale and exhale.
    You can smell the forest, the air is fresh here, it smells good.  There is even a slight smell of rain.
    The clouds are rolling over the mountains. 



    Let’s snap for it begins to rain lightly.
    The birds, deer, fox and other animals begin to run for cover.
    Our field scientists reach for their rain jackets! But keep on working!
    As the water falls to the ground, it is absorbed through the soil.
    Tree roots absorb the water - helping the trees stay healthy and strong to hold soil we walk on together while helping make the water clean.
    As the rain falls, puddles form and streams fill with water.


2-finger Clap

    Now we do the 2 finger clap for the streams flow downhill into rivers.
    The trout are content, there is more oxygen in the water.
    They’re not the only ones who are happy, the farmers are too.
    rain falls on fields where apples, corn, peaches, and other crops grow.



    Now we clap for the swelling rivers.
    Again, the trout are secure and tiny insects are available to eat. 
    The rivers flow down the mountains into lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.


Slap Thighs / Stomp

    Now we slap our thighs and stomp for the filling lakes. 



    We clap for the rain begins to lighten, but the water continues to move.
    Water flows long after the storm has ended.
    Water will flow underground and in rivers and streams.


2-Finger Clap

    Now the 2-finger clap for water flowing through aqueducts down to the cities where many of us live and work.


    Now we snap for the water flows from those tunnels to the water mains in the street, and then finally to the pipes of our homes.


Rubbing Hands

    We now rub our hands together; the sun peeks from behind the clouds.
    The sun shines; deer, fox, bear and other animals come to watershed rivers to drink.
    The heat from the sun causes water to evaporate and the cycle of water continues, just as it always has.


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