Little Fish



by Ralph Moisa, Jr.

Little Fish. 

Logan, Iowa: Perfection Learning Corporation, 1997.


             As the weather turns cooler, the Old One comes to the steelhead parr living in freshwater to tell them that it’s time to migrate out to the ocean.   Little Fish has trouble making the arduous journey, but she is determined to make it.


Good Points:

  • Inspirational story.
  • Factual chapter at end.


Other Notes:

  • About rainbow/steelhead trout.
  • Adult anadromous trout do not ACTUALLY go get their young.  In fact, adult trout would probably eat their young.
  • Most streams don’t freeze—but trout often migrate to deeper pools for the winter.
  • Steelhead smolt usually live 2-3 years in their natal stream before migrating out to the ocean.
  • In some of the illustrations, the Old One can look menacing.


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