Science Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas

Ecosystems, including food chains and food webs

Earth structure, Earth’s features

Habitat and the environment, including human impact

Animal studies, animal behavior, anatomy

Measuring and scientific inquiry

Stream study and field work

  • Identify and Photograph Macros - study morphology and learn about macroinvertebrates!
  • Stream Assessment -- choose the best place for trout
  • Dissolved Oxygen -- test the water
  • Macroinvertebrate Collection -- seining and kick-netting
  • Stream Clean-up -- why it matters
  • Geomorphic Features -- stream shape and size
  • Pebble Count -- what's on the stream bottom?
  • Turbidity -- how clear is the water?
  • Temperature -- how cold is the water?
  • Stream flow -- velocity and volume
  • Forest Hike -- the relationship between trout and trees
  • Predator Tag -- trout chase mayflies, raccoons chase trout
  • Bus Trip Scavenger Hunt -- look out the windows as you travel
  • Sing "Happy Free Day" -- to the tune of "Happy Birthday"
  • Postcards from the Watershed -- observation and sharing
  • Aquatic Nuisance Species -- a South Dakota curriculum
  • Scavenger Hunt -- looking around the stream

Chemistry, the properties of matter

  • Nitrogen Cycle Model -- students are bacteria!
  • TIC Hydroponics -- understanding the nitrogen cycle
  • Concentrations -- understanding ppm
  • Water Quality Probes -- using Vernier
  • Dissolved Oxygen -- test the water
  • Solutions -- tank water is a complex mixture
  • Nitrogen Cycle -- chemical changes in the tank
  • Water -- a wondrous liquid
  • Liquids -- take the shape of their containers
  • Temperature -- its effects on the trout
  • Water Quality Graph -- plotted by time or population

Weather and climate

Genetics and reproduction

  • Salmon Survival Game -- it's tough being a salmon
  • Reproductive Strategies -- why trout don't "parent"
  • Trout Across America -- all the species in the U. S.
  • Types of Trout -- species all over the world
  • Stocked Trout -- why their genetics differ
  • Trout Hatchery Visit -- see where your trout come from
  • Jelly Bean Fish Genetics - activity and worksheets for upper grades by Ann Smith, Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School

Technology and innovation

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