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  • Love Letters to Trout -- expressing appreciation
  • Journal Prompts -- by Sandy Cunningham, NY TIC
  • Trout Release Worksheet -- one way to record
  • Trout Journals -- a yearlong study of trout
  • Journal Page -- one option from Todd Burleson in IL
    • What are you looking forward to about having trout in the classroom?
    • What would you like to do with the trout, while they are with us?
    • What do the trout eggs look like?  Be very descriptive.  What do you see inside?
    • What would you like to say to the trout, to welcome them to our classroom?
    • What was hatching like?  How did you feel?
    • Observe one fish closely for one minute.  Follow it with your eyes.  What does it do?
    • How to the trout act in the morning?  The afternoon?
    • How do the trout act when it’s dark?  Light?
    • How do the trout act before feeding?  After?
    • How do the trout act in cold weather? Warm weather?
    • What is your favorite trout job?  Why?
    • What is your least favorite trout job?  Why?
    • What happens when we feed the trout?  Why do you think that is?
    • Are there any special trout in your tank?  Why are they special?
    • What do you think the trout see when they look out of the tank?  What are they thinking?
    • How have the trout changed over the past few months?  What is the same?
    • How do you feel about our upcoming release of trout?  Why?
    • What advice would you give our trout on their way to their new home?
    • What did you see while releasing our trout?  How did they behave?
    • How did you feel about releasing our trout?  Why?
    • What was the most important thing you learned from raising trout?

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