New York Chapters of TU

The following TU chapters in New York State are active in supporting TIC and have webpages devoted to the program:

Al Hazzard TU--This chapter is located centered around Binghamton.  They work closely with their local BOCES.  Some of their classrooms have very successfully employed Vernier's LabPro water quality probes in their TIC tanks.  Read more at Vernier

Clearwater TU -- This chapter helps schools in and around Albany with their TIC programs.  Check out their great site with photos and written reflections on the program!

Croton Watershed TU--This chapter is located on the east side of the lower Hudson Valley.  You can read about their TIC program on their website.

Mid-Hudson Valley TU -- This chapter is centered around Poughkeepsie.  They provide a variety of programs for youth, including supporting some local TIC classes.

Mohawk Valley TU--This chapter is centered around Utica.  Their TIC program includes newsletters, outreach to classrooms, and opportunities for students to present their projects to the local communities.

The New York State Council of Trout Unlimited supports all the chapters within the state.  On their site, you can find out more about your local chapter by looking at their state map and chapter listings.

If you know of a chapter that is supporting TIC and has a website that is not listed here, please contact us so that we can add them to the list.

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