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Virtual NYTIC Think Tank blogs - Lilli's vlogs hosted at Trout Unlimited's TROUT magazine online.

How to Start TIC in a NY school 

Trout Transport and Release Guidelines

Trout Release Day Tick Prevention Guidelines

TIC Equipment List Chart

Trout Care pdf

Trout Food Guidelines 

New York City TIC Google Groups

The NYC TIC program offers a number of Google Groups you can join, to stay in touch with your state coordinator.  The monthly e-newsletter is sent via these groups, as well as periodic announcements tailored to your part of the state.  Just join the group most appropriate for you:

NYC TIC group
Long Island TIC group
West of Hudson (NYC Watershed) TIC group
East of Hudson (NYC Watershed) TIC group
Brooklyn TIC group (just for Brooklyn!)
NY TIC group (if you don't belong in any of the above)

NY Program Sponsors
We are grateful to all the agencies, foundations, and organizations that support TIC in New York State.

NY Chapters of Trout Unlimited
For many TIC teachers, the local chapter of TU is the first resource for funding, technical, and field support.  Here are sites for a few of our participating chapters in New York.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 
In addition to providing valuable education resources and much-needed support for NY TIC, the NYS DEC has developed guidelines for all TIC projects taking place within New York.  This includes where to get trout eggs and rules about stocking our fry in the spring.  Please look closely at these guidelines--it is ecologically and legally imperative that we follow these state procedures. 

Watershed Education Resource Directory (PDF)
The Watershed Environmental Education Alliance (WEEA) has compiled a resource directory listing all the environmental learning centers in and around New York City's drinking water watersheds.  This area includes the Catskills and the lower Hudson Valley.  Please contact us if you know of a center or resource that is missing from this publication.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection
This city agency is one of NY TIC's biggest supporters.  Visit their website for information about the City's drinking water supply watersheds.  They also have a detailed education page with activities and resources for educators and students.

Green Curriculum
A set of resources provided by New York City Schools.

NY-Specific Funding Opportunities
On our Funding Sources page (under the Teachers tab), there is a section devoted to funding specifically for NY teachers.

Eggs to Fry: The NY TIC Newsletter
Currently, this newsletter supports southern New York: the Catskills, Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island.  It was published three times annually.  PDF files of all issues from 2006-2009 are available online.

Catskill - NYC Watershed Educators Network
This site includes links to all the resources for watershed education in and around the New York City drinking water watersheds.

Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom
Lake Cruise program for schools in the Finger Lakes region of NY. They also have an active Fingerlakes TIC Blog with tons of info and ideas.

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