What to Do over Vacations


Prepping for short vacations (3- or 4-day weekends)—

  1. Feed less on Friday.
  2. Do your water change as normal.
  3. They will be fine.

Prepping for mid-length vacations
(7-10 days)—

  1. Trout are wild animals that can survive leaner times.
  2. Trout do not need to be fed or visited during a 10-day vacation.
  3. One week beforehand, you can replace your charcoal filter using a new, well-rinsed cartridge/bag of charcoal.  Charcoal can help reduce ammonia and fresh charcoal will work well over the vacation.
  4. Continue with the normal feeding cycle in the days leading up to vacation.
  5. If anything feed a little less, so as to minimize ammonia discharge during holidays.
  6. Do a nice BIG water change right beforehand.  Don’t let the tank temperature fluctuate more than 5 degrees. In an emergency, clean water is more important than temperature stability, though.

Prepping for LONG vacation (11+ days)—
Same prep as above.

  1. Plan to come in once to feed, if possible, about halfway through.
  2. If you can’t come in, don’t worry.  
  3. Trout are wild animals that can survive the lean times.

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